A prayer for my homeland, Kenya.

God made such perfection in the place where I call home,
Majestic wild lions and an expanse for them to roam.
Pink ribbons of flamingos and hippos in their midst,
And beautiful, peaceful palm trees - and a beach I can't resist.

The sunrise is spectacular with its stunning orange light
And monkeys playing happily that make a joyful sight,
The elephants saunter thoughtfully across the sun kissed plain,
And an expectancy of plenty when the heavens send the rain.

The people of my Kenya are loving, warm and kind,
A smile, a laugh and then a joke is never far behind,
Even in some challenging times, their faith is always strong,
A trust in God, prayerful days and a loud and praise filled song.

The shootings in Garissa, at the East of the country,
Should just not have happened and were a total tragedy,
I pray that God gives comfort to all those involved,
And the fear and hate can, at last be resolved.

Let's live and love as brothers, despite our varying thoughts,
Let's understand each other - and not let wars be fought,
Like our spiritual leaders, let's choose a path of peace,
So all these terrible happenings can at last begin to cease.

My prayers are with you, Kenya, that comfort God will bring,
My deepest love I send you - that once again you'll sing,
Let's unite in prayer across the world for all those in strife,
And make the decision no more death - but always choosing LIFE.


7 thoughts on “A prayer for my homeland, Kenya.

  1. YOur poem is just so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes.

    The poem rings with your love of Kenya, its beauty and the warmth of its people.

    And your prayers for Garissa are so heart felt.

    You are really talented as a poet as it comes from the heart.

    Well done.

    I will love to share this with others.

    Thanks so much. It is really beautiful and moving.


  2. What a beautiful expression of a special and unique talent. Such vivid imagery invites me to feel I am right there to soak up the splendour and magnificence of your homeland, Kenya. Thanks Michelle for sharing.


  3. Michelle I would have to say you are truly a wonderful beautiful lady and so loved reading your journey to date!! It was really special to learn this xxx😊


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